Polesworth Motocross Club

Hello and Welcome to the home of Polesworth Motocross Club.
We hope you enjoy our website.

A race with josh spinks around Polesworth


Club membership and AMCA licences are available.
We are currently extending our members list
Half price membership for riders under the age of 16
If you ride motocross at one of the local practice track,
why not try your hand at a bit of racing ?
Its easy
Here's what you need to DO ?
Join one of the bigest and best clubs in the AMCA

Come along to our group meetings every thursday night at 9pm
At the Gamecock in Polesworth   B78 1AH

We will help you apply for your AMCA license
Take a took at our group fixture list, and see where you could be racing
 or what you could be missing if you don't join.
Racing in the AMCA is one of the cheapest sports
it works out under £30 per week.
Its less than you would pay at a local practice track
Ride with the confidence knowing you have :-
Marshalls on every corner and jump, First Aid if you need it.
Spectatures so you to feel like a pro when you ride around
and last of all the support and banter of your fellow riders
Most race meeting are within 45mins of your home so no expensive travelling costs.
Polesworth MX club would like to take this opportunity to thank all AMCA riders for their support .
We look forward to seeing you throughout the year.

Designed and created by John Stringer                                                 (Dad of Kyle Stringer Race No. MX2 Expert 345)